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Design, Discovery, and Dissemination (D3) are the key objectives of this organization. 
The following are the educational aspects of this effort by Dr. Kohles:

University Courses Taught:

Portland State University:

            MME 492: Conceptual Design Project (advisorship)         

            MME 493: Detailed Design Project (advisorship)
MME 406: Special Projects
MME 507: Graduate Seminar Speaker
EAS 215: Dynamics

Worcester Polytechnic Institute:

            BE 1001: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (co-lecturer)§          

            BE 2300: Biomedical Engineering Design§                                                

            BE 3101: Biological Transport Phenomena§                                        

            BE 3001: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (co-lecturer)§   

            BE/ME 4504: Biomechanics (co-lecturer)§                                      

            BE/ME 4814: Biomaterials (co-lecturer)§                          

            BE/ME 554: Composites With Biomedical and Materials Applications§            

            BE/ME 550: Tissue Engineering§                                        

            BE/ME 552: Tissue Mechanics§                                                     

University of Oregon:

            EMS 103: Exercise and Performance (co-lecturer)§                            

            EMS 381: Biomechanics§                                                            

            EMS 681: Biomechanics I - Tissue Mechanics§                             

            EMS 682: Biomechanics II - Joint Mechanics§                             

            EMS 683: Biomechanics III - Mechanics of Injury and Disease§           

            EMS 691: Statistical Methods I§                                                     

            EMS 610: Statistical Methods Lab§                                                 

University of Wisconsin-Madison:                      

            EngrMech 307: Strength of Materials Lab                                      

            PEPro 218: Kinesiology Lab                                                                 

            VetMed 875: Biomechanics for Clinicians (co-lecturer)§

§Developed original course and/or material. 
Total students taught = 1,057

Graduate Students Advised:

Portland State University:

Nathalie (Destrubé) Nève de Mévergnies, MS (PhD:ME - Advisor), Graduates May 2010
"Multi-Axial Single Cell Biomechanics"

James K. Lingwood (PhD:ME - Advisor), Graduates May 2010
"Optical Tweezer/Particle Image Velocimetry Device Development"

Rachel Moldover (PhD:ME - Advisor), Graduates May 2011
"Microscale Environment Design"

Worcester Polytechnic Institute:

Mark Agostino (MEng:BME - Advisor), Graduated October 1998
"Kinetic Evaluation of Horseshoe Padding Materials During Equine Gait"

Samuel Bradshaw (MS:ECE - Committee Member), Graduated May 2001
"Characterization of the Mechanosensitivity of Tactile Receptors using Multivariate Logistical Regression"

Melissa B. Clark (MS:ME - Advisor), Graduated May 2000
"Standardization of Profilometry Measurements in Dental Implants"

Lee Core (MEng:BME - Advisor), Graduated May 1999
"Design and Fabrication of Biomechanical Test Fixtures for an MTS Device"

Daniel J. Gianoli (MS:ME - Advisor), Graduated February 2002
"Osteoblastic Adhesion and Nanoscale Implant Surface Geometries"

Abdo Kataya (MEng:BME - Advisor), Graduated May 1999
"Educational Laboratory Experiments for an Undergraduate Biotransport Course"

Anand Kulkarni (MS:ME - Committee Member), Graduated May 2000
"Surface Model Creation for Biomedical Applications Using a Marching Cube Technique"

Eric A. Lieberman (MS:BME - Co-Advisor), Graduated October 1998
"Development of a Composite Micromechanical Model of Tendonous Tissue"

Kenneth Morse (MS:BME - Committee Member), Graduated May 1999
"Application of the Correspondence Principle to Soft Tissue Biomechanics"

Amit Bobby Nandi (MEng:BME - Advisor), Graduated February 2000
"Ultrasonic Elasticity Measurement Device"

Karen P. Norton (MS:BME - Advisor), Graduated October 2001
"Shoulder Joint Mechanics During Concentric and Eccentric Rehabilitative Exercise"

Sylvia B. Puchovsky (MS:BME - Advisor), Graduated May 1999
"Design of a Bone Biopsy Device for Harvest of Elastic Measurement Samples"

Julie B. Roberts (MS:BME - Advisor), Graduated October 2000
"Anisotropic Elastic and Transport Properties of Cancellous Bone"

Maria Romano (MEng:BME - Advisor), Graduated May 2000
"Assessing Y2K in a Clinical Health Care System: Investment vs. Outcome"

Rani Roy (PhD:BME – Former Co-Advisor), Graduated May 2005
"Bending Behavior of Native and Engineered, Auricular and Costal Cartilage"

Yurong Sun (MS:ECE - Committee Member), Graduated October 2000
"Ultrasound Characterization of Structure and Density of Coral as a Model for Trabecular Bone"

Hiroshi Toriumi (MS:BME - Committee Member), Graduated October 2000
"Design Modification, Fabrication, Construction, and Performance Evaluation of a Prototype Body Mounted Upper Extremity Orthosis"

Jessica A. Weathers (MEng:BME - Former Co-Advisor), Graduates May 2003
"Biomechanical Testing of Tracheal Tissue"

Christopher G. Wilson (MS:BME - Advisor), Graduated May 2002
"Modeling the Dynamic Composition of Engineered Cartilage"

Daniel Young (PhD:BME - Former Advisor), Graduated May 2005
"Experimental Determination of Bone Anisotropic Poroelasticity Parameters"

University of Oregon:

Sharna Clark (MS:EMS), Graduated May 1997
"Effects of Locked Ankle Joint Position Using an Ankle-Foot Orthosis"

Shuichi Doi (MS:EMS), Graduated May 1998

Leslie Kindling (MS:EMS), Graduated May 1998

Hae-dong Lee (MS:EMS), transferred to University of Calgary

Laura Mosley (MS:EMS), Graduated May 1997
"Comparison of Ankle ROM to Determine Prophylactic Ankle Brace Performance"

Gregory Sampson (MS:EMS), transferred

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Undergraduate Design/Research Projects Advised:

Portland State University:

*         Capstone Design Project

Co-Advisor, “Design of a Cranial Vascular Mechanics Model,”  R Mangan (ME), N Leech (ME), N Biberic (ME), E Stan (ECE), T McKinney (ECE), ML Surdu (ECE), F03, W04, S04.

Advisor, “A Mechanical Device to Influence Skin Wound Healing and Scar Formation,” M Kleine (MME), E Hettinger (MME), J Pinkstaff (MME), F04, W05, S05.

Advisor, "A Microscale Device for Assessment of Tissue to Implant Adhesion," K Knudson (MME), K Nelson (MME), B Galpern (MME), F04, W05, S05.

Advisor, "Head and Neck Support Device for Standard Wheelchairs," J Mabrey (MME), K Talton (MME), M Rasidagic (MME), NK Heller (MME), F04, W05, S05.

Advisor, "ASME Human Powered Vehicle Design Competition," B Hays (MME), RM Jackson IV (MME), H Tinnesand (MME), K Braun (MME), C Hertert (MME), F05, W06, S06.

Advisor, "A Device to Investigate Cohesion and Adhesion of Water in Space," J Meyer (MME), E Lovejoy (MME), D Durgan (MME), AD Johnson (MME), F05, W06, S06.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute:

*         Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP): Junior Technology and Society Project

                Advisor, "Biological Fuel Cells," K Giroux (EE) and R Sabol (ME), B97, C98, D98.

                Advisor, "Athletic Shoe Cleats and the Relationship with Foot Injuries," EM Baratta (BB), AL DeStefano (BB), A98, B98, C99.

                Advisor, "Surgical Device Design in Engineering Education," CG Wilson (BE), CM O'Rourke (BE), A98, B98, C99, D99.

*         Major Qualifying Project (MQP): Senior Design/Research Project

               Advisor, "Characterization of Horseshoe Padding Materials," DJ Marcroft (BE), JM Campbell (ME), AL Matzel (BB), D98, A98, B98,  (Capital Campaign Video).

               Advisor, “Design of a Tripping Mechanism for Treadmill Gait Studies,” H Justiniano (BE), SE Bradshaw (BE), M Ortiz-Serrano (BE), S Castillo (ME), B98, C99, D99.

               Advisor, "Mechanics of Dental Screw Fixation," MB Clark (ME), MA Lewko (BE), TA Castagno (BE), B98, C98, D99, (1st place 1999 BE Research Day).

               Advisor, "Biotransport in Cancellous Bone," LJ Cooper (BE), R Thibeault (ME), JB Roberts (BE), A98, B98, C99, D99, (1999 BE Provost's Award, ME Honorable Mention).

               Advisor, "Evaluation of a Bioreactor for the Growth of Chondrocytes on a Polyglycolic Acid Scaffold," KA Mercier (BE), D Pazzano (BB), A98, B98, C99, D99.

               Co-Advisor, "Deformable Vascular Tissue Model," MJ Griffin (BE), AW Roccisano (BE), EA Hannula (BE), A99, B99, C00, D00, (2000 BE Provost's Award Honorable Mention).

               Advisor, "Biotransport in Cancellous Bone II," CG Wilson (BE), ML Upton (BE), AL Schlichting (BE), A99, B99, C00, D00, (2000 BE Provost's Award).

               Advisor, "Performance of horseshoe padding materials," E Foley (BE), S Ahuja (BE), NJ Buote (BB), A99, B99, C00, D00.

               Advisor, "Surgical Device Delivery of Engineered Nerve Tissue," AL Delisio (BE), AL Woupio (BE), JL Cooper (BE), A99, B99, C00, D00.

               Advisor, "Biomechanical Testing of Normal and Smoke-Inhaled Tracheal Tissue," B Doehr (BE), R Delpaine (BE), J Weathers (BE), A Kight (BE), D00, A00, B00, (2001 BE Provost’s Award).

               Advisor, "Performance of Tissue Approximation Techniques," J Flatow (BE), J Salisbury (BE), B Raymond (BE), A00, B00, C01, D01 (2001 BE Provost's Award Honorable Mention).

*         Independent Study Project (ISP):

               Advisor, "Biotransport phenomena," SS Fong (ChE), T D’Souza (BE), C98, D98.

               Advisor, "Kinesiology of an exercise device," CE Bayirili (ME), E98, A98.

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